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Single Net Bagging Scale


• Body in St37 material.
• PLC controlled.
• Final bag weight, total bag number and total weight can be seen on command panel.
• Daily values can be deleted as required but general total can be deleted by only authorized operator.
• Self scale error correcting.
• Scale errors can be seen on command panel
• Scale resumes running in case of power outage.
• Scale sensivity t50 gr/bag.
• Available piston product stopper in top body after sensivite weighing.
• Special band for product feeding to scale.
• Pneumatic gates to hold and leave product in scale.
• Available pneumatic bag holding system in bottom hopper.
• Reducer is driven to band by bely pulley.
• Single scale capacity is 8 b/m, double one is 12 b/m.

Preference Reasons

• Sensitive and speedy weighing.


• Sewing band
• Bag vibroser
• Automatic bag hanging

Spare Parts

• Bearing • Driving belt • Loadcell • Band • Bag hanging • Chock & Belt

Working Safety

• Machine directive 98/37/EC
• Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC
• Electro magnetic compatibility directive 89/336/EEC
• Applicable harmonized Standard: 292-1, 292-2, EN 1050, EN 287, EN 60204-1, EN 61000, EN 55011

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