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Single Deck Cooler

Working Principle

Available opening-closing grid at cooler bottom, top and oottom level indicators to arrange product level in body. Product is filled from closed gnd at bottom to top level indicator through airlock. Air intake is occured from bottom cell during product flowing from grid, hot air is sucked by aspiration system from top cell, thus product is begun to cool from bottom to top. When product is lowered to bottom indicator, grid is closed meanwhile product filling is continued.


• Special designed bottom cell side sheets to clean air inlet.
• Bottom grid is designed to allow air inlet.
• Bottom grid is driven by motor, pneumatic or hyraulic system.
• Body sheets are bolt connected to easy montage/demontage.

Preference Reasons

• Efficiently and speed cooling.
• Adjustable discharging level.
• Minimum damaged product.

Spare Parts

• Pneumatic piston and valves

Working Safety

• Machine directive 98/37/EC
• Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC
• Electra magnetic compatibility directive 89/336/EEC
• Applicable harmonized Standard: 292-1, 292-2, EN 1050. EN 287, EN 60204-1, EN 61000, EN 55011

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