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Working Principle

Working Principle Product received from feeding screw conveyor is evenly distributed among balls. You can arrange valve balls as desired product size. Product can be crushed in 1-3 decks by valve balls as required capacity.


• High quality valve balls are casted, processed and turning accordingly standards
• Roller bearing is placed in heavy duty bearing case
• Valve balls are secured from impact and shock by springs
• Valve balls are driven by V belt
• No need aeration to system
• Advising for uniform products

Preference Reasons

• Product size is arranged by valve balls
• Less product heating
• Less moisture loss
• Less noise and balanced operation
• Minimum periodic maintanence
• Full automation as required
• Differential belt driven


• Automatic controlled valves
• Automation system control

Spare Parts

• Bearing & Housing • Valve balls • Pulley & Belt • Sprocket & Chain

Working Safety

• Machine directive 98/37/EC
• Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC
• Electro magnetic compatibility directive 89/336/EEC
• Applicable harmonized Standard: 292-1, 292-2, EN 1050, EN 287, EN 60204-1, EN 61000, EN 55011

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